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While Angels Weep

kathleen huddle


s an artist, my work centers around the theme of world peace.  Angels, the messengers of peace, are the subjects of my paintings.

I hunger for peace, so I invite you to join with me to work towards peace.  Every day at your noon hour when your hunger pangs first strike is a perfect reminder to hunger for peace.  Use your hunger as a signal to stop for a moment and pray with pure intention:

“I hunger for peace.
Grant us peace.
We will attain global peace.”

Imagine with me:  Thoughts are units of pure energy.  If the entire world prayed collectively for peace every day, we would have a continuous blast of prayer.  A massive, epic, positive energy force directed, like a laser, at the cause for peace and that would be more powerful than nuclear weapons.  Instead of using weapons of mass destruction, employ prayer in mega doses as a weapon of peace construction.

Peace Out,

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